Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Actually I took J with me and he voted for me, but I told him how to vote. He likes to go and do it, so we read the issues and then he would point to what he thought I would vote and I told him yes or no. He did a great job picking what he thought I would pick. We do talk about politics and issues with our kids, we think it is important at this young age to make them aware. And J likes to hit the screen! LOL!

If you haven't voted you should! Its your right as an American!

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andsewon said...

Yes ma'am I voted!! Congrats on the new dream job and I wish you well!!!I worked night shift as an operator. Don't think I could do it now. You are really getting the sqaures done for the tree skirts too!!I have some sewing to get to for the holidays as well. Hope you can visit my blog and sign up for my Birthday Giveaway!!!!