Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Sunshine

It is an absolutely beautiful Saturday afternoon here in NE Ohio. The sun is shining and its warm - was 75 for a high and tomorrow is supposed to be 78! That is not normal NE Ohio weather, but I will gladly take it! I actually got outside and did some weeding in the flower beds and we got the grass cut for probably the final time. This is my single pumpkin with 5 of my 11 little pumpkins. What a bummer year!

Last night was Jr High night at the High School football game. The JR high players, cheerleaders and band members get to go out on the field and hang with their respective groups. So J was able to play in the band. He plays the trumpet; and they played the fight song and the jaws theme in the spirit tunnel and then played a song, Smoke on the Water, at half time with the band. Our band is REALLY small, like 50 people maybe. I think the cross country team is bigger than the band. Yeah, its really sad, and you can't hear them and they don't play anything good! Here is a picture of J during the spirit tunnel.

Then today was PAC (pioneer athletic conference) meet. Our teams placed 1st in all the races. J, unfortunately, did not race. His ankle is just not feeling better and after being on it last night and running on it in practice etc he just couldn't do it. He was pretty upset about it, but he does still have the state race in two weeks so we are going to take it easy a few days and plan on that.

The park where the meet was at was just beautiful, and has a great trail riding path (HINT HINT DAD!). These are two pictures I took this morning of the park and the trees starting to change.

No sewing has been going on, just too busy. But I did finish my number one favorite book of the year so far. It is called The Necklace by Cherly Jarvis. It is a true story of 13 women who buy a diamond necklace together and share it. It talks about how each felt about the necklace, the group and how they changed their lives because of the necklace. Very good, I would definately recommend it to anyone. It was a quick read, but really shows how material things are not that important and its more about the lessons learned!

Here I come!


Kristie said...

You and your sister both stay so busy! I just don't know how you do it all!!! Amazing! Looks like everyone had fun with the band playing. I just love reading, but I read Historical Romance Novels. I think I like them so much because I feel that the take me away from the busy life that I have and back to another time. I really enjoy them.

Lynn said...

Nice pictures and it sounds like a good weekend. 75 and sunny - cant' beat that.