Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy, Busy

It has been a fairly busy weekend since Thursday.

Friday I worked and then came home and just chilled out. Ok, so Friday night wasn't busy, but I think I needed it. We have had lines out the door at work with people wanting assistance. Everyone says it is crazy and that they haven't seen lines like this in a LONG time! Our line in the morning was out the door all morning! So I chilled out on Friday night, reading and watching mindless TV while Rich took the kids to the football game.

Then Saturday I cleaned most of the day. Trying to get some "fall cleaning" done. So it was really a deeper cleaning than I usually do! While I was cleaning I pulled a liner out a Longaberger basket that Rich's ex-wife gave me during one of our "good" times - they aren't very often, and I found a $100.00 bill! WOO HOO!! yeah me! Then Saturday night we pretty much hung out - just Rich and I. We watched State play (they won!) and did nothing in general. The house is very clean though, with the exception of my sewing area (See picture!)

And today was a very productive day (mostly!). I went to see my friend Holly who is waiting on a heart. She has an artificial heart in right now so she is hooked up to that machine and then is hooked up to a breathing machine. No talking because of the trach tube, but she is hoping this week to get the kind she will be able to talk with, and to be relisted on the transplant list. She was taken off of it when they were trying to stabalize her and her artificial heart. She now has to also get stronger (6 weeks in ICU!) before they relist her. But she is doing really good and is fighting. I know she is frustrated, but it will be worth it in the end! I also managed to get lost twice up there. No one told me that only one parking garage was open on Sundays - yes, I go to the clinic often, but not usually on Sundays, and the open garage is not one I even know where it is!!!! I am usually a patient in the hospital if I am there on a Sunday. Then the exit to the highway was closed. It was just horrible! And of course, Rich was not answering his phone.

Then I went to Kohl's to get Rich a birthday present, his birthday was the first. I know, I am late, but he understood. And then went to JoAnn's to pick up the material for J's quilt. I spent part of that $100 on it so it worked out well. And yeah, it could have been spent on other things, but I really want to get this done for J'. He has been so patient and the material was on sale for $2.99. So I picked up the following:

The cowboy print is the border and binding

I am not a pink person, but I like this for some reason.

Dragonflies. Just had to have it, there like frogs, just have to have them!

And lastly the two baskets that I made last night and tonight. They were super easy to make and went together really fast. One or both are going to Mary. Its up to her which one (or both) she wants.

Now I am off to make the coffee and read before bed. I have an appointment at 7:00 am before work tomorrow morning so it will early to bed. And hopefully in the next 3 weeks I will have a permanent job!


Quilting Newbie said...

I love the baskets you made. They look great!

Anonymous said...

Im not a pink person too Sara, but it looks great with the stripes in the fabric,

I checked the link on my links, its all ok now, 3 times it took to sortout, not sure why?

Have a great week,

Lynn said...

The baskets are cute - They are on my ever growning list of things to make.

countrychicken said...

I am so checking my basket liners today, do you think I could be that lucky???

Carol in Sweden said...

What a good friend you are for visiting the heart needy in the hospital..can't be an easy visit or ? ?? Whenever I do one of those visits I can usually hold myself together but lose it in the parking lot later. My cousin's young son (22 years) is waiting and waiting for new lungs (he has CF). What do you say?

Like those little say they're easy! have the pattern?
ENVY ENVY ENVY...I'd love to stroll around JoAnn's for an afternoon visit! (but then I'd most likely break my FABRIC DIET! whoops...don't want to do that..yet!) It's good you found that little hidden treasure!

Donna said...

Cute baskets. Sounds like you are one busy person! Thanks for the comments on my blog.

Renee said...

wow, you have been busy. i would have just vegged on friday if i were you too. i'm always here on friday nights so i do what i want and it's usually not much. lol. i'll have to try those baskets. those are so cute.

jacquie said...

i wonder if i have any basket linings i could check around here! lucky you! love that cowboy fabric!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sara!

I love your fabric selection. Are they flannel or cotton? That cowboy fabric and blue stripe one look so cute and can't wait what you are going to make.
I'm not good at pink but that pink fabric has nice color combo with other colors. Good taste!

p.s. Thank you for your commnet on my blog! I will think about tutorial of that tote! Stay tuned!! (lol)

andsewon said...

You are always super busy so deserve a break once in a
Wow wonder if my liners are hidding some green.. NOT! Lucky you!
Love the fabbys!! Sure hope it all works out for your pal.

I am making some of these baskets too as gifts! You did good gal!!!

Marilyn R said...

Finding "lost" money is such fun. I have't found $100 though - just the $5 or $10. Fun!