Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can I go back to work now?

I think I need to go back to work to take it easy for a day. It was a busy fun weekend.

Friday night I worked the concession stand at the Varsity football game for the Cross Country. All the profit goes to our boosters for the kids so it was a good cause. Except that it was raining and freezing all night! We completely sold out of hot chocolate and were deemed the best group to work the stand with by the lady that runs it. We cheered every time someone ordered something and all had our respective duties. It was a lot of fun! One of the moms said she was never doing it again, but the rest of us are probably going to do it next year (except the parents whose students are graduating).

Then yesterday I went to the grocery store and Kohl's to look for pants and shirts for my new job. I have to have navy pants and plain white button up shirts. Not as easy as one would think! First not to many navy pants out there, then shirts I had to buy boys because juniors and women's just don't come plain. Then I went to get black shoes - what was I thinking! I wear a 2.5 and they have to be black work boot type shoes (chunky, round toe)...not so much. They are ordering me a pair but that could take 6 weeks so in the mean time I am going to try to dye a pair of dark brown ones.

After the grocery store I came home and did a few things, then it was time to get ready for our 4-H clubs Halloween party. The neighbor girl and J decided to get ready at our house. They are best friends and went as "goth/punk/?" kids. Not really sure what exactly they were supposed to be. J would have made a good vampire after we got his make-up on. I did black on his eyes like Amber had and he had black lips, purple and black hair. They looked good together. I went as the Ultimate Ohio State Fan in all OSU! Very comfy in my pajama pants.

J and Amber

The Kids and I

Check out these awesome cupcakes made by our Advisor!!

J and his friend Bailey

Then today we went to Columbus with another family so the boys could run in a state meet for Cross Country. It was cold and windy. The boys did about their average time and we were happy with it since they haven't really run in two weeks. Also, J's leg is still bothering him a bit. After the run we went out to lunch with Rich's brother, his wife and two girls. There were 6 adults and 8 kids. So we put all the kids at one table and all the adults at one table. It was fun! Now we are home and I am going to do some studying for work and maybe some sewing since I haven't done any all week, but we will see about that. My eyes are bothering me today (sleeping in contacts = not good) and I may just blog read, read and study!

J, his time says 15:50.8


Karen said...

Sara, Good luck with the new job!
(PS Go Phillies :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the comment on my blog,
Goodluck with you new job,
the cupcakes look like a warewolf, there great,
take care

Renee said...

you are such a trooper. i so couldn't keep up with that kind of schedule. lol. sounds like loads of fun though. best of luck studying up for your new job. take care.

Anonymous said...

You make me dizzy with all the stuff you do!! It reminds me of my parents when my brother and I were in high school. They were constantly on the run for us too.

I think I will just enjoy this time while my kid-letts are little before they hit middle shcool and I become a whirlwind like you!! I can't imagine I will be getting much done for myself durning those times. But it only comes once so I know I will enjoy that phase too.

Your tree skirt looks great!


Granny Lyn said...

You go,,,that costume is perfect!!

Now I know where you girls get your get-up-n-go...your mom is just as spunky as you are!!!

Good luck with the new job,,,it will be great once you get used to it!!