Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today was in the 70's as was yesterday! It was so nice out, with a bit of a breeze to make it just a tad chilly at times. I spent a few hours outside today reading and got a bit red, but that's okay, it was worth it.

The kids are loving this weather and J & TJ have been riding their horses everynight. Last night we videotaped them riding so they could see what they were doing and their horse was doing. TJ rode his horse for the first time without someone on the end of lead (lounge line). It went really well. My horse rode great for me and J's ride was pretty good too. I let the horses out in the large pasture today and they were very happy to have some room to run!

I went to the local library tonight for the first meeting of the new book club. Its the Jane Austen book club but we decided to read a Jane Austen book every other month and a favorite of one of the members every other month. The first selection is Sense and Sensibility. Right now I am reading World Without End by Ken Follet. Its set in England in the 1300's and is the sequal to Pillars of the Earth. It talks about building back then and also about the church and their control. Its a fiction book, but very good. I only have about 300 pages out of 1000 to go. The main characters are decendents of the builders (main characters) in Pillars of the Earth.

I started working on my quilt for Project Linus. Its the Lemon Blush pattern from Fat Quarter Shop by Me and My Sister Designs. I absolutly love the Sock Monkey fabric and I think its going to look great when put together. For some reason I am not able to download pictures tonight, but I will try to post them tomorrow or later.

I was also going to post a picture of my Clemantis and Bleeding Heart which have started to sprout in the one flower bed. I am looking forward to having everything green again instead of brown and white. It is supposed to rain all weekend but hopefully it won't get too cold! Tomorrow I am going to plant my lettuce in a pot. I am the only one who really eats it so I am going to plant it in small container that will be just enough for me.

Otherwise its been the usual - riding horses, homework, baseball, meetings. Same old thing every day. Seems like we are always running somewhere but Rich and I will be home all day together tomorrow so that should be nice. But alas - he will probably go work on baseball fields. I'm off to have some ice cream!

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