Thursday, April 10, 2008

6 days of SUN!!!

Its been sunny for the last 6 days! Maybe spring has arrived. I certainly hope so!! Its been so nice that we have spent a lot of time outside, just playing and sitting on the patio reading. I haven't really gotten anything done this week. But its been nice. The boys are home on Spring Break so Monday was cleaning stalls etc, Tuesday I took the boys to the mall to get cleats and the we came home to play outside. Yesterday, they pretty much played outside. Today they are at their moms till 3 and I am sure we will be outside if the rain doesn't come. It was supposed to rain Tuesday night, and it did - but just a little! It was also supposed to rain all day yesterday and today, but I am looking at beautiful sunshine!! I have flowers coming up in my flower beds and am enjoying the weather!

Also I was able to ride my horse! VERY EXCITING! I am "not allowed to ride unless someone else rides first" (direct quote from Rich) but I am able to ride. So that is wonderful to me! Last night I rode J's horse instead because I wanted to show him something, and the T wanted to try to ride. This is a kid who will go behind a race horse, but will not get up on top of one. He did very well, and only had a few moments where it didn't go well. But if he wants to learn to ride we have to start at the beginning since he hasn't been on a horse in over 3 years!

Tomorrow J, TJ and I are going to Equine Affair. Hopefully we will get to see some great clinics and seminars. I am still debating if I want to spend the extra money to see the Pfizer Fantasia. I think it would be neat, but it will cost about $50.00 so I am not sure I want to do that. But then I think what am I going to do with them till 9:30 when my BIL gets home. We are going to spend the night at my BIL's so that we can go to Equine Affair and then the State Horsebowl competition on Saturday. I wasn't sure we would be able to go to Equine Affair after Horsebowl, not sure I would feel up to it. But this way works out much better!

I am off to enjoy the sunshine now! Its quiet here!

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Jacquie said...

Congratulations! You got to ride. That is sooo great. I bet you just felt wonderful. I'm so envious that you even have a horse!