Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kittens and Quilts

Well, the wild momma cat that lives between our house and the neighbors had kittens again! Its a cycle, two litters a year, only in our barn. Most of them seem to disappear. I think they wander off into the field and then get lost. I want to keep one so that I have a cat again, but Rich says I am only allowed to keep one if its a boy. He doesn't want any more kittens than we already have. I had a picture, but my memory card is being difficult and had an error on it so I will get some later.

Its also been really nice here so we have been riding just about every day. My horse is finally starting to get it. We were having issues with going forward, but we got it all figured out and now there are just minor adjustments to make before the first show, which is Memorial Day weekend. We didn't think I was going to be ready, but I think I can handle it. Maybe not a ton of classes, but at least 2 or 3. Here's a picture of my beautiful horse with TJ on him (TJ is showing him this year) and one of J and his horse.

I finished my quilt top that was originally going to be for Project Linus, but Rich thinks I should keep it since it came out really good. He thinks I should just put it in a protector and save it till we have a grandbaby. I say I could just make another one, but he really likes this one.

This morning I went to the local fabric shop, where I met my mom so she could get me my birthday present. I picked out fat quarters to make this one quilt I want to do that is all triangles and reguires 75 fat quarters. I have 43! So I am just over half way there. Of course, I picked up a few other things. One of them being a pattern for a stuffed frog. I love frogs, don't know why, I just do. I found this AWESOME batik many years ago that has frogs on it, and I just couldn't use it for just anything so I think the stuffed frog is the way to go. Why not have a frog that has frogs on it?? I am going to use another green batik and a beige one also to give it a little variety and personality.

I just finished reading "The Girls" which is about twins conjoined at the head. It was good, but not great. Now I think I am moving on to "Mother Teresa, The Private Writings of The Saint of Calcutta".

T had an umpire clinic today and is spending the night at his friends so its just TJ and J. Which means it will be a little quieter here, but not much. I think I am going to spend the evening sewing and reading since I already rode my horse and there is not much else that can be done now. Stalls are clean, groceries are bought. I should clean, but I will wait till Monday where there is no one here! Defeats the purose of vacuuming if the kids are just going to get pizza crumbs on the floor, don't you think??

Have a great weekend!!

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