Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flowers and Injuries

This morning I woke up and went to take a shower. I was just about to get in when Rich came back upstairs from starting his coffee to tell me to wait because I had breakfast waiting for me. I couldn't take a picture of my food, which was eggs, a bagel and juice, because Rich would have been like "Knock it off" but here is a picture of the flowers TJ and J picked for me. T was spending the night at his friends so he wasn't part of the big Birthday breakfast.

Then I decided to quilt my red, white and blue quilt today so I started meandering quilting it and I love the way it came out. All that is left is to sew the binding down, which I may give to my mom, but I know she is busy knitting so I may just work on it over the next few weeks. I could easily pack it up and take it to baseball versus taking a book to read while we wait for games to start.

This is a picture of my finger that I decided to sew today. Yeah, it really hurts and it won't stop bleeding. Its not deep enough for stitches, but it doesn't help that my blood thinner is too high. Rich is beginning to worry about touching me because I have so many bruises. Its a really bad picture but you get the idea. I took off the top layers of skin.

And lastly a tulip from my stone garden and a picture of my stone garden.


Jacquie said...

Ooooh lilacs. Pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

Nice birthday present from TJ and J. Just remember this the next time they are getting on your nerves. Love the red, white and blue quilt. I am up to sewing the binding, nice change from knitting at times and its not very big. That fire truck quilt of Tyler's was alot. Didn't help that I waited until almost the last minute to get it done though. Mom

country mouse said...

Mmmm...lilacs, they have to be my favorite springtime smell in the whole world!! What a sweet birthday gift. Love the red, white, and blue top. My favorite color combo since I was very little (I'm a July 4th baby so how could I not like RWB anything?) Hope your finger is feeling better, looks like quite the ouchie :c(

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!