Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Weekend!

This weekend was pretty busy for us. J, TJ & I went down to Equine Affair on Friday. We left here about 10:00 and got there about 12:00 or so. By the time we parked and got into the event it was about 12:30. We were hungry (of course with 2 growing boys, when aren't they hungry?) so we went and got something to eat. Then we went to see Stacy Goodall and Julie Goodnight. They were great. I really enjoyed their clinics on body position of you and the horse and cues. Then we walked around the merchant buildings, and then saw Bob Avila's clinic again, body position, cues and control. After this we decided to head up closer to my BIL's so we could eat and hang out somewhere till they got home. We had Red Lobster and went to the mall. Then we went over to Russ and Sue's and pretty much crashed. It had been a long day and Saturday was just as long!

We got up at about 7:00 so we could all shower and leave by 8:00. From Russ's we went to OSU Animal Science Building where my wonderful group of Hippology kids competed in the State Horse Bowl competition. Our juniors made it to the 5th round and according to my calculations made the top 15. The seniors made it to the 4th round and again according to my calculations made it to the top 25. We were eliminated around 2:30 and left by 3:15 to head home. We got home about 5:30 and just kinda hung out for the rest of the night. I admit, I feel asleep for about 2 hours around 6:00. I was pretty tired after all that!
The junior team

Yesterday was spent cleaning and doing laundry. The boys did some work outside. It actually snowed in the afternoon so we all came in to spend time together hanging out watching TV. The tribe was on and they won!! Yeah!!

T and Rich went to the Lynard Skynard and Hank Jr. concert on Friday night. They had a good time, but they said they enjoyed Skynard better than Hank. THe concert started at 7:00 and Rich called me at 11:30, they were just leaving Cleveland. T loves Skynard and had a really good time. That was his first real concert so it was exciting for him. They ran into two other couples that we know from our small town. Pretty funny! Usually you don't see anyone you know at concerts.

Thursday night J and TJ rode their horses. Their uncle was home so he was helping them out. J rode his pony without a lounge line, which was good and TJ got on his gelding for the first time. Normally TJ rides my horse, but we gave him a horse last year and he is breaking it with our help. That was pretty exciting. He stayed on and the horse only jumped straight up once. Pretty good if you ask me! Here's some pictures of J and TJ on their pony/horse.

And Kris at Quilted Simple tagged me for the 4x4 meme so here are my responses.

4 jobs I've had:
- Insurance
- Teacher
- Insurance
- Step-mom (most important!)

4 shows I regularly watch:
- College Football
- Baseball
I would have to say that is it. I don't usually watch TV, I usually read

4 places I've been:
- Rochester, MN
- Dallas, Houston and Spring Texas
- New York, New York
- Washington DC
- Orlando
Ok, thats five but that is ALL I have ever been too!

4 foods I like:
- Pizza
- Chicken
- Salad
- Steak

I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged that reads my blog!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!!


Jacquie said...

A horse-filled weekend. Do I need to say again I'm so green with envy? Baseball and football...hmmm..every husband's dream!

country mouse said...

Sounds like you had a full weekend! The 4x4 meme was an interesting read too. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. It pretty cool that we are actually pretty close to each other, I live in Canton. We've never been up to see the Aeros play, but I got some free tickets from the race so we'll have to make sure we get up there to watch them. Hope you have a great week!