Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Storm Warning

That was the news last night. There was a winter storm coming our way. It was supposed to hit at about 1:00 pm and then it was moved back to 4ish and then later. Well, it hit about midnight. There was no school today because of all the snow. At 1 today the yahoo weather for our area said 2-4 inches. It is more like 6-8 at that time and it was still snowing. I would have to guess there is a good 8 inches of snow out there. Drifting is worse. Our road (and the main one by us) didn't get plowed till at least 2!!! Wonderful winter weather. Perfect night to be inside with a good book, cup of cocoa and a warm quilt!!

Part of the drive with the

trees in the background

My half of a 55 gallon drum

covering my rose bush

The barn


Robyn said...

Wow Sara...hope you're warm under your quilt with your book
Hey PIF buddy, I'm popping by to say thanks for your visit and your comment on Mr Byrd.
I will say a prayer for your friend. Trust all goes well for her.
hugs and bye for now,
Robyn xx

Norma said...

We lived in Illinois when my kids were small. There was always a big storm this time of year and that meant snowdays with no school. My son was really surprised when we moved to Texas and he had to go to school on his birthday. (today!)

I feel for you but glad that you have that vook and the quilt to snuggle under. Keep safe and warm!