Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you ever...

...done this??

Yes, the needle is through the pin. I think only I could manage this!

Alyssa's quilt is quilted. Tomorrow is binding and washing. Thanks for all the great suggestions for keeping it from bleeding. Looks like a cup of salt wins so tomorrow night I will give it a whirl!
This is a picture from Saturday and the snow we had. I love how the trees look.

This is half of a 55 gallon drum that protects my rose bush. That is how much snow we had. We now have about 2-3 more inches. I am ready for Spring!

Yesterday was my one year check-up with my cardiologist. They were thrilled! My progress was way beyond what they had hoped and they were all surprised at how good I am doing. My surgeon was there and I got to see him and he was completely thrilled! I didn't come off any of my meds yet, but that's okay, small price to pay! Here are some pictures I took yesterday with my phone. I always mean to take my camera; there are some great churches down there, but I always forget! And of course there was a huge snowstorm coming home!

The New Heart Center (from the parking garage)

One of the churches

Off to blog read and have some hot chocolate! It's only supposed to be -10 for a low tonight! Yipes!!


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Yahoo! You passed your visit with the cardiologist and surgeon with flying colours! Way to go girl!

I think celebrating by drinking hot chocolate and reading blogs is an excellent idea :^)

Anonymous said...

thats alot of snow, fresh snow allways looks great on everything mostly on trees,
thanks for sharing

Louann said...

I have done that!LOL! I kept the pin because I was amazed the needle went through it with out breaking. My favorite is when I stipple over a pin. I haven't done it in a long time. I guess I'm a little more patient now. maybe.

Lynn said...

Brrr - that looks cold . The church does look pretty - Almost makes me wish we had a little snow - almost.

andsewon said...

Wow..amazing, you are magic!!;-)
BURRRR Big Time...we are so cold here, for us, like going down to 13 or more tonight...don't need snow or ice too! Will give ya pretty, it is that and love how it always seems so still and quite!
Happy your check up was A-Okay!!!!
Toasting you with my hot choc!!!