Thursday, January 29, 2009

BTT, Basketball and New Kitty

Booking Through Thursday this week is a discussion on an article found here. The discussion actually takes place on the BTT website, and I have yet to figure out what I think of the article.

Tonight was an away basketball game with Wellington. Our 7th grade boys team did a great job. 8th grade, not so much. At the half they were down 23 to 7 or something horrible like that. They just could not get it together! I know nothing and I knew they were playing bad. Just not on their guys, bad shots...But T did a fairly okay game, not his best though. He is number 50.

And at Hippology on Monday I was given this beautiful tortise shell kitty. Her name is now Kylie and she wants to live in the house, but dad won't let her. So she is in the barn with CC and Bob. She seems to doing just fine and comes when you call her. I was a little concerned since she had been in a house for a few weeks and wasn't eating when we first brought her home, but this morning and tonight she climbed right into the tub we keep the food in. Now J and I have our own kitties so we no longer have to debate who's it is.


CC and Kylie (she is so small!)

Tee, munching his hay

Also, Thanks so much for all your warm thoughts and prayers for Holly. She has had the transplant, her numbers are going up like they should and she should be coming off the machines by the end of the weekend. They have her open because of swelling so they have to close that before they can wake her up. But she made it and I am so thrilled!!!


Sew Many Ways... said...

So glad your friend is doing so well. I'll still keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Congrats on the new kitty. We have a torti too named Hallie. Just to warn you...they are crazy! You mentioned basketball games in your post...great time to do hexagon sewing!! You really should try it. I might do a tutorial, so keep an eye out for one.

Renee said...

that is wonderful, wonderful news about your friend. i hope she continues to do well and recovers quickly once she's up and awake. please keep us posted on her progress. and your kitty is a cutie. stay safe and warm this weekend.

Julie in the Barn said...

Just stopping by to thank you for the visit and the helpful suggestions on my dilemma. I am an avid reader, too, so I'm bookmarking your blog and will be back often to check what you are reading and quilting.

Carol in Sweden said...

Oh my heart gave a little leap to read your news! I hope your friend continues to do well with her healing process! The body is such a delicate but strong mechanism! incredible what can be done now days!

So glad your CC accepts the little one! We would like another kitty for ours but we're afraid he'd just bully it too much, even at his older, nuetered age! He used to live with his half brother but Idle got kidney infection.