Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Award and some Quilting

I was awarded this great award by Quilting Newbie. Thanks So Much!!

What I am supposed to do is list 5 addictions, so in no particular order they are as follows:

1. Dairy Queen. I love Dairy Queen Blizzards. So much that I buy a large and eat it slowly throughout the week and then go back the next Wednesday and buy another one!

2. Fabric. Who doesn't love fabric??

3. Books. Yes, I love to read and love to be surrounded by books.

4. Hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate. I even drink it in the summer. For some its coffee, for me its hot chocolate

5. Snowmen, I love snowmen and have many different ones. I collect them and would like to be able to display more of them, but we just don't have the room for them.

I have to award 5 blogs this award, which is such a hard choice since there are SO many great ones out there! But here you go:
This was really hard because there are SO many great blogs that I visit and stumble upon! I love so many blogs and keep finding new ones every day! So if you feel you deserve this award, take it please!

I also finished putting together 11 of the 12 squares for the LQS Block of the Month from 2008. Block 8 is missing because we were having issues and it couldn't play well. So it will be finished at a later day, probably next weekend when I attempt to re-do it by hand. The thing with these blocks is they used Thangles and well, it just didn't work. Their BOM for 2009 starts next month and I would like to do that one too!

My favorite block


Renee said...

bravo on your award. your list of addictions is appauling!! only one blizzard a week? lol. congrats on your award. i like your new background too. take care.

quilting forum said...

well your list looks so good indeed

Donna said...

Really like your blocks. I have had better luck with Triangles on a roll that with Thangles, but lately have gone back to drawing the center line on the back of the block and sewing on either side. I am too lazy to pick all those littel pieces of paper off the blocks I guess!

32point5 said...

Hi Sara, just wanted to say Hi and congrats on the Bloggy award.
Love the new background!
Take it easy!

Terry said...

Hi Sara! Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for nominating my blog! I appreciate it but I agree with you...there are too many wonderful blogs out there to nominate just five. :0)

Sarah said...

Oh, thanks so much, Sara...I'm honored! :)