Friday, March 7, 2008

Prayers for Corey

I am going to post more later tonight or tomorrow, but I had my 5 week check-up today and Cory is still in the hospital.

Rich met Cory's parent's while we were in ICU. He came in the day before I did. He is a 17 year old who is waiting on his third heart. His body is rejecting his second. The meds they gave him to help him keep his second heart gave him leukemia. He is currently in remission from the leukemia, but obviously he needs prayers. He has been in the hospital almost 6 weeks, 4 of them in ICU. He crashed twice the first 5 days he was there. He is getting stronger and they are talking of putting a pump in till they can get him another heart.

Everytime I think of how bad I have it, I think of Cory and how he has it worse. Please send up a quick prayer for him.

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