Saturday, May 17, 2008

I finally decided...

What colors to use for my quilt along from Crazy Mom Quilts. I went through a brief (okay, 3 week) what colors do I use???? I first thought pink because I thought hers was pretty, but then I was like, ok, I don't really like pink so I don't know if I could do a whole quilt in it. Purple is definately out - I hate purple. Then I thought green, love green, but just wasn't sure. So I went to JoAnn Fabrics yesterday and this fabric just screamed at me - USE ME!!

Its hard to see in this picture, but the colors are dark chocolate browns and bright blues. There are some chocolate browns and blues thrown in from my stash too. I just love it. But then when I went to make the blocks this morning I realized I hadn't bought any fabric for the background of the stars. Oh shmarmies (my swear word!) and I thought about it for a few minutes. I knew I couldn't really go back to JoAnn's and spend any more money this week. But I really wanted to get these started and try out the browns. I got to thinking about what I would need. Some type of beige to offset the browns. Aha! How about muslin. I know not a typical choice, but I know I have enough of it so I started and finished all three blocks in about an hour and a half! Very exciting since block four is on Monday! Here is my 3 blocks. Pictures don't do them justice...I really like them!

There were five fat quarters in the group for 8 bucks and they all go together so its not like a lot of thinking is involved about it now. I just love them. They look so much better in person and I wish I could get a better picture to show all of you!

Last week was really busy so really I didn't get any quilting done, just lots of cutting. I am cutting out J's pinwheel quilt and its small pinwheels so its lots of small squares and triangles! But he picked the pattern and I know he loves pinwheel quilts so what was I going to say? Certianly not no! Its going to be blues, tans and yellows. He's color blind and these are colors he can tell apart. He picked the colors too!

My book club met on Thursday and I didn't feel too bad since I wasn't the only one who had a hard time getting through "Sense and Sensibility". I liked the book and agreed with all the comments, but I just had a hard time reading it. I don't know why! Next we are reading Pope Joan by Donna Cross (I believe). Its about a lady pope. Very good. I have already read it but I am going to re-read it to refresh my memory. Right now I am reading Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriquez. Its very good, its non-fiction about a lady from Michigan who goes over as a relief worker and starts up a beauty school for women in Afghan so they can survive and have money. Its definately going to be a favorite of the year!

Otherwise I just wish the rain would stop. Its actually sunny now, but there is a horrible wind (I almost can't walk into it.) and it is so wet that we really can't do anything. It has rained every day this week.

Ok, now can I grumble for just a minute? Please? My BIL who lives with us and has become my biggest protector in the last 6 months is driving me crazy! He talks so loud on his cell phone even when he is in his room downstairs (we live in split level) that you can hear him through my phone when I am upstairs. I just wish he would be a little quieter, especially at night when the boys and us are trying to sleep. Ok, I'm done now (I have been home with him all day so its giving me a slight headache!)

I walked this evening, only a mile since it is so windy out. Its also supposed to rain and about every 20 minutes or so it gets dark like it is going to start pouring! plus you can smell it in the air. I didn't want to wander too far from home just in case, but a mile is better than nothing. J is wanting to run cross country and T wants to play football, and if I am going to walk a half marathon next year we better get training!

I am off to sew some more!


Granny Lyn said...

I love the blues and browns, these are the same colors I did my family room in, so if you ever need a couch to throw your quilt, just c'mon over and see how it looks,,, tee hee

I can sure sympathize with the little "bug bites" from the BIL, but, boy howdie, I'm not smart enough to give any advise.
Good luck with that :-)))

Jacquie said...

The blocks are beautiful. I love these colors. Grumble away...sometimes we have to get it out! Thanks for your kind comment about our son's situation. I appreciate all suggestions for how to support him. I can't tell you how much it meant to me.

Finn said...

Hi Sara, I had to pop over and say "hi" and thank you for stopping by at Pieces *VBS*, I love seeing a new face.
You have a neat blog and I will be back to see how things are going.
I think the muslin was an EXCELLENT choice for a background with your blues and brown. It's an old relible background fabric from back "in the day" when so many tone on tones weren't available. It's been used as background for years and years. It goes well with almost everything but white *VBS*
Great choice I think! Your stars are lovely. Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

I like the color combination you chose, I love blue and brown together. Your blocks look great!