Sunday, May 4, 2008

Public Speaking and Weather

Well, it rained horribly for the last 2 days. It rained here all day Friday and most of the day Saturday. The crick running through our front yard has subsided but when I came home last night it was very close to overflowing above the 18 inch culvert across the driveway! Today is sunny but a bit cold at only about 55 right now. I like 75! But at least the sun is out and hopefully tomorrow I will get to ride.

Today I am working on pin basting my funky monkey and yellow quilts. I will also hopefully get my moms chicken sampler put together and maybe even basted. I have all the blocks made, just got to even them up and sew them together. I did very little quilting on Friday and none yesterday!

Yesterday J and I went to Columbus for him to participate in the Ohio State Horse Public Speaking Contest. Its a 4-H competition and all the speechs/demos have to be about horses. This year his speech was on horse nutrition and we are so proud of how hard he worked. He wrote his speech all by himself and had about 12 minutes worth (you were supposed to have 7-9) so we had to cut some out. But like I said, he did it all himself! I did help make the posters and correct grammer on the speech but that was it. He placed 4th, and he would have placed higher but he was so nervous he forgot to give his conclusion!! Poor kid! He did receive a nice little plaque and overall had a good time. The first picture is J giving his speech, the second is of J and his friend from school/Hippology with their plaques and then just J with his plaque. Did I mention how proud of him I am?

This is the skeleton that was in the auditorium where they gave their speeches. J just had to have a picture of it. I believe it is a cow.

After the competition we met up with my BIL to have dinner with him, his wife and his two girls. We went to BW-3's and watched the Kentucky Derby. Then J and I headed north on our 1 hour and 45 minute drive. J was so tired that he crashed as soon as we got on the highway (5 minutes after we left BW-3's). I don't blame him, it was a long and exciting day for him.
This is a picture of the sunset when I got home. It was oranger and brighter about 10 minutes before this, but its hard to take a picture while your driving, so I decided not to do that.

Hopefully this week I will be able to get the boys to rotatile my garden. I have lettuce coming up in my pot, but I want to get started preparing the large garden so I can plant as soon as the frost has passed. We are moving it down by the barn where it is ALWAYS wet. Everything drains to one spot in the yard and its going to be pretty good sized. I am only planting tomato plants (3 for general eating and 3 cherry tomatoes) and a row of green beans. Then the rest will be all sweet corn. It grows really well for us and the boys are talking about doing all the work so they can sell some of the sweet corn and make some money. I'm okay with that! They are old enought that I trust them to run the rotatiller and take care of it. If I end up doing all the work then I get all the money. That's the deal! I'll post some pictures as soon as I can and when we get it going.

I am off to baste quilts. When I get them done I will post them. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and has a great week next week!


Kristie said...

That is great! I'm sure you are so proud of you son. It takes alot of nerve to give a speech. That always made me so nervous to do public speaking.

Jacquie said...

Way to go J! I know how hard those talks can be. Can't wait to see that monkey quilt!

Anne Ida said...

Brave young man speaking in public!!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm happy with the spring swap quilt and so says Catherine she is - which is good!

The Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - no reason to be scared! I have learned so much working on my sampler. If you feel you need some support - sign up for the mailing list and join in on the Block of the week.

Take care, and happy quilting!