Thursday, May 22, 2008

Work and Quilts

Its really cold here, about 20 degrees below normal. It was 52 today when I came home from work. It really stinks having to work, I don't have near enough time to do quilting, but that's okay. The money is nice. I actually kinda like where I am temping at now. I used to work there so I know alot of people. The first day (last Monday) was like "I heard you were back" "How are you?" By the end of the day I was like could everyone please stop talking about me! Now I'm old news! But the guys I am working for are great and there have been several hints dropped about if the girl I am temping for doesn't come back its mine and they would like to see me get back into that company. Plus, they leave me alone! My best friend, Krissi (HI!!), works there too and we have been walking at lunch as much as we can. We walked two miles today! WOOHOO!

Its really cold here for this time of year, 20 degrees below normal. So needless to say between that and all the rain, we haven't gotten much done. The first horseshows of the year are this weekend, but we are no where near ready! We have ridden twice in two weeks, not enough to show three days this weekend. So we are just going to go watch on Saturday and Monday.

T has a baseball game in Vermillion on Saturday. Its right by the lake, you can see the lake. I may be staying home. Its at 6:30 and its going to be cold. He has a game tonight, but J and I didn't go because it was only 52 today. Yeah, I'm a wuss!

But I have gotten some sewing done tonight. I am making J a pinwheel quilt and I have about half the squares together. Here's the pile waiting to be cut in half:

And here is my block 4 for the quilt-a-long. I had to do something other than sew little squares together, it was getting to me!

And lastly a picture of my favorite quilt that I have made so far. I just love the color combination. Its also really warm and cozy. I backed it in flannel, and its great on a winter's night. Rich wants me to make a "summer quilt" for our bed since this one gets so hot!

J has decided he is going to make a terarrium, and put frogs in it. I am sure that will go over well with his father. But he already said he could have one so too bad. I think Rich thinks he was talking about just plants. But J will take any animal he can get. He is outside right now trying to catch frogs and was trying to talk me into going to the store to get some things for it tonight. I am all comfy in my pjs. I'm not going anywhere!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! Remember our Veterans!


Jacquie said...

Beautiful quilt! I bet it is warm. Your block for the quilt-a-long is great. I knew I liked those colors! I have my first cut out. Finally!!! Hey, you should do the meme....I'll be back to read it!

QuiltedSimple said...

Great block - if you need frogs - come one down - we have 8 in the pond and who knows how many in the ditch by the drive - J could have a regular frog farm.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt and very patriotic!

Granny Lyn said...

oh, that wuilt is absolutely scrumptious!!! I love the colors! and I have so many frogs here, send a truck! hee hee