Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last night T's team played baseball in Vermillion. Vermillion is up by the lake. Here is the view from home plate, the two different blues in the distance are the lake and the sky.

Standing on the beach

On the pier
J skipping rocks

TJ skipping rocks
T batting

T pitching
Our team won 3-1. Very good game, very evenly matched. TJ, J and I played on the beach for about 45 minutes We were looking for cool rocks, and found some great glass pieces that were smoothed from the water. Lake Erie is not the cleanest lake, but it was still cool to take the boys down by the water.
No quilting has been done this weekend. Yesterday before the game J and I went and wathced some of the horse show, went grocery shopping and got the plants for his terrarium. Today Iam going to rotatille my garden, plant a few flowers and see if I can find a swing for my frame. Tomorrow we have to work at the horse show for a few hours and then the boys are going to their mom's for a few hours to see Grandpa Tom. I am going to clean and work in the yard when they are gone.


Jacquie said...

I didn't realize you lived so close to Lake Erie. Sounds like it was a fun game. I love baseball!

country mouse said...

Congrats on the win. Love the pictures of the lake. We lived in Sandusky for 2 years and I LOVED living by the lake. Just love to be around the water:cD

Granny Lyn said...

Brings back memories, I miss having all my boys in baseball. they are all in their 30's now, so I will have to wait for the grandchildren to get into it! Base ball is my favorite,,,Root Root Root for the Home Team!!!