Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowing and Blowing

Well, we got it. The huge storm they said we were going to get is here. I am literally snowed in. Not going anywhere, and don't really want to. There is easily a foot of snow already and it is still snowing. Its also blowing pretty good, creating some big drifts. They said we could get 1-2 feet and I believe it. Its also blowing out of the north, which means we will get some lake effect snow due to being in the secondary snowbelt. Its a good day to stay inside and quilt or read, which is what I am doing today. I also have homemade beef stew in the crock pot, which is smelling really good right now!

This is the red white and blue quilt that my mom, sister and I did many years ago. I never finished putting all the blocks together back then (neither did they!) and we are finally getting it done. Kris is supposed to be bringing me the border and backing for it tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath on that. I would be surprised if they can make it up here with this weather. That's fine, because I have plenty of other projects to work on. I have about half of the blocks completed for the Piecing the Trail to Kansas that mom got years ago, and there are always chickens to make for Mary, and myself since I never made on for myself. Also other little projects to be done, and some big ones.
Right now I am reading two books actually. I put one down because I decided I didn't want to read it at night. I started I Am Legend and its all about vampires. I am a big chicken so I figured it wasn't something I wanted to read at night. So I picked up More Than You Know by Beth Gutchen (I believe). I'm not very far into either book, but I am sure I will have one of them finished by the weekend.
The kids are at their mom's for the weekend, and Rich is at work. Its quiet, pretty outside and I am snuggled in for the weekend under my big comfy quilt and sewing away.


Jacquie said...

Hoping you are keeping warm and braving the weather. Watched your area on the news...and it's March...enough already...though the beef stew and a day of sewing sounds pretty good. This is going to be a pretty quilt. How fun that the 3 of you did it together. Love that! btw...added Cory to my prayers..Have a great day!

Jacquie said...

Sorry about two comments on one post...but I just had to is such a small world. Two talented quilting sisters. How FAB!!!