Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow and Quilts

These pictures were taken at about the same time on Saturday and Sunday. No, the picture on the left is not blurry - its just snowing that hard. Rich brought his big work truck with the snow plow on it to do our driveway when he was out this way plowing one of the water pump stations. The drifts were 4 feet tall and our snow mounds after he plowed were over 6 feet. Needless to say, I didn't go outside all weekend and he plowed 3 times before the weekend was over. We easily got 2 feet of snow. Now its warm (36) and all starting to melt off, so hopefully that was the last snow storm we are going to get.

Wouldn't you love it if this were blooming in your flower bed right now? I would. I received a basket of fresh flowers today that they have been "trying" to deliver for over a week. Must not have been trying very hard since I am home everyday for the most part. But it is a beautiful arrangement and I so wish that I could plant these and have them in my garden this summer.

Since I was snowed in all weekend I spent it making blocks for the top, Kansas City Star. These blocks were something that we picked up back in 2000 and just never finished. It was a series that the local quilt shop did and had a contest for the finished top, but we obviously didn't compete in the contest since I am just now finishing them. I have finished 10 of the 12 blocks, and am going to have to enlist the help of my sister for the 12. Its scares me, I have never done curved seams before. LOL!
The only other exciting news is that T beat his entire school in the Geography Bee. He took the test to go to the state competition and was selected to compete so April 4th he will be competing in the state Geography Bee. Let's hope he does well. We are still proud that he made it. Now if only we could get that Science grade up!


QuiltedSimple said...

The blocks look good. Maybe we can get together this weekend to do the other 2 - email me the directions and I'll look at it before hand.

That's great on the Geography Bee.


Jacquie said...

These are really neat! I love that swirly one on the bottom row. Congrats on the Geo bee. My kids had fun with that too! (