Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Monday we spent the day in Columbus for Hippology. For those who don't know, Hippology is the study of horses or Hippo Campus. It was a really long day and the kids did well considering we were on the road by 6:00 am and we got home at 8:45 pm! The adults spent the day sitting outside the barn in the sun/shade while reading or talking and walking around the barns. The kids went back and forth between the barns and the cars during the competition.

Don't I look excited?

My Junior team

While we were there we almost ran over a killdeer nest. There were 3 eggs that she was standing over in this picture. I have never seen killdeer eggs up close and I was amazed how much they look like rocks. The poor thing was completely freaked out all day long. I felt really bad for her.

In other news, I am working on my PIF's so those who joined mine need to shoot me and email with your addresses. The neighbor and I are also still walking 4-6 miles a night. Otherwise, life is normal!


Terry said...

ROFL...that's what I thought when I saw that picture...doesn't she look thrilled with life! ;0)

We've had killdeer nests in our driveway and we always try to mark the nest is some way so we don't run over it. They nested at the neighbor's house this year though.

Kaaren said...

We had kildeers for years nesting in our driveway as well. Did she do her 'I've got a broken wing' dance to try to draw your attention away from the eggs. I could watch them for hours.