Friday, February 29, 2008


Tonight was the first basketball for T in the rec league. He was lucky enough to make the practice squad for the 8th grade team so during the regular season he was able to learn alot and can finally put those skills to use. The rec league is made up of 5, 6 and 7th graders. T happens to be the only 7th grader and the only one who knows how to play basketball on his team. Yeah, they kinda suck. Even T says so. It was pretty even during the first half but they play full court and some of these kids were dying at the end. T played the entire game and scored 22 of the 28 points his team scored. Pretty sad.

Today I spent the day preparing Horsebowl questions for the competition in April. I didn't realize they had to be in tomorrow - missing that week did a number on me - and so I typed up 60 questions for the juniors and 60 for the seniors. What a long day.

Tonight there is also a leap year party/fundraiser for the Buckeye Baseball Team. We stopped there before the game so I could see some people from baseball that I haven't gotten to talk to since the surgery. Rich brought me home after the game and went back to the fundraiser. I am going to take my meds and probably head to bed. He wants to go to his dad's tomorrow and the 2 hour drive is something I am not looking forward to. He promised we wouldn't be home late so that is a good thing.

Otherwise we got some more snow and that is all here.

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