Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Belated 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We did!

Friday night we went to my parents for a cook-out with the family. There was good food, good company, corn-hole and lots of laughs! Then Rich and I went to town to catch a few of the fireworks and get french fries. The boys were at their mom's for the night so it was just the two of us!
Then last night we headed to the Lake Erie Crushers baseball game! Yes, we do love baseball. Except J, he only goes for the peanuts! The Crushers lost the game, it was really pretty sad, 9-1 but it was still nice to see some ball. We were on the left field side, literally next to the foul pole. I took the picture with my phone but it wasn't more than 200 feet away from us.

Then we saw fireworks after the game. I have never really seen a bad show at ball game. The Crushers put on an excellent show last night. The first picture is from there. We were maybe 500 feet from where they were shooting them off. It was really cool to be that close. Some of them you had to look pretty much straight up to see! Very cool!

Stomper, the mascot

J and I (dancing after the game)

And we have been diligently working on our summer reading.

Also have been spending some time outside, but it has been cold here was 62 on Monday at T's ball game. Today it is warmer, and we have been doing some things around the house yesterday and today. No pictures of anything quilty. I am trying really hard to get my PIF's finished up and mailed so I can't show those yet!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!


dokiquilts said...

the fireworks looked lovely--our kids are still a tad young to make the trek to go see them--hopefully next year! sounds like you guys had a great time :-)

scraphappy said...

It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. I was literally laughing out loud when you said that J only goes to the game for the peanuts. My kids love movies, but only because of the popcorn! Isn't it funny how their minds work?

Anonymous said...

An excellent celebration! We rested at home because Sophia is scared of the fireworks noise. It was a wild night of cartoons and bath time play!

Granny Lyn said...

We had a lot of family time, too! but, oh, I layed off the fries,,,they are sooooooo good, but I was full of BBQ.

What is your reading list for the summer?

shanna said...

I love your picture of fireworks.