Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happenings, Happenings...

...and hopefully I will get caught up on my blog reading!

It's been busy as usual this past week, we have had Eye Dr. appts, and 4-H judgings, plus riding and horseshows, baseball and regular practice!

I haven't gotten much done in the sewing area but I have been working on putting together the Oh Cherry Oh scraps and there maybe a giveaway in the future. Just not sure yet!

Also I am sitting down today to work on my PIF's that I have left. I will get them out soon! I promise! Here is a sneak peak at something, I love this fabric, its called Pop Garden by Heather Bailey. Its an older fabric, but I love the funky bright colors!

My garden is really doing good. We are having to water fairly regularly because we aren't getting much rain, but it's raining on and off today so that is good! It am starting to see some real growth in the corn and the pumpkins!!

Our first pumpkin!

The corn is gettin' there!

We finished up baseball tournaments on Saturday, it was sad...very sad...The team really didn't come to play, let alone win. We could have won, but we just weren't into it. They were missing the ball right and left. And some kids just let it go between their legs and didn't bother to go after it! Boy was Rich mad!! But it's over, and there is next year.

It rained early that morning so all the games got pushed back. We were supposed to play at 12:30 and ended up playing at 3:00. We went up to watch the 10:00 game and found out they were pushed back, but rather than drive home (it wasn't worth that) we stayed and hung out. The kids were getting a little bored by the time the games started!

We are so bored!

Sunday we went to a horse show. J did fairly well, with a third and a fourth...not his best rides, but it was okay. He is having some issues figuring out hip position and things like that but he is going for high points at these shows so we at least wanted him to get some points.

J and Spike

And that has been pretty much the past week. This week was more 4-H judgings, practice every night, and next week is that State Judging Competition, then fair and before you know it school will start! Have a great week everyone!


Sandy said...

Love that fabric...I am into brights lately.

paula, the quilter said...

I was asked to judge 4H this year but had to decline. I am hoping to be able to do it next year. Your garden is looking good. Mine got pounded the other night with heavy rain and hail. *sigh*

Zonnah said...

The pumpkin is sooo cute :)

Anonymous said...

I so loved 4-H when I was a kid. You make me want to go to the county fair and check out all the 4-H barns!!

Your garden looks like it is coming along nicely. How wonderful it will be to have your own pumpkins in the fall!

handmaiden said...

love that fabric too....have used it in my apron and my fabric box