Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

Friday night was the annual Run with the Bucks fundraiser for the Buckeye Education Foundation. The boys are both running Cross country this coming year and they both ran at the event. T was supposed to umpire, but he ended up getting rained out. They both did pretty good running a 25:55 for T, and a 28:10 for J. Rich and I watched and cheered, just like at CC. It was fun and next year we will do it again! One little kid (under 10 easily) came in 3rd in the entire race! His time was like 21 or 22 something. I was also surprised how many "older" cc runners the boys both beat, not just girls, but boys too!

T crossing the finish line

J crossnig the finish line

Yesterday I didn't do a whole lot, baseball game in the morning got rained out, they pushed it back and T umped in the afternoon. I worked on my Batik and Black quilt a little and read a book. I did make a quick trip (ok, they are never quick) to the library and picked up a few more books. Right now I am reading the Quiet Game by Greg Iles and really liking it. I have read a few and really like them.

Last night I did walk 4 miles with the neighbors. Tonight we are going to go for 6! We need to up it since we are not all that tired when we get back. So we shall see how this goes!

This afternoon I made a journal cover, but since I already have a journal I decided to adapt it to fit my Bible. You always see people with bible covers but mine is pretty now!



It was really easy to make (once I figured out the measurements right!) and went together in no time! Plus I can stick things I need to keep in the inside pockets part. And I like the brown and blue material. Sorry the picture didn't come out great color wise, but you get the idea!

I am off to do some blog reading before Rich gets home from work and then see what he has in store for today. He has been playing alot of online poker lately. So that is my guess as to what his plan is! And probably homemade pizza for dinner!!!


Lynn said...

Love the journal cover - fabrics you used so pretty. 4 miles - good for you!

Kristie said...

The journal cover turned out really nice! You are very talented!

Lots of nice family time with the kids and raising money!

Kaaren said...

Yours will be the prettiest bible cover in town. My husband goes for the plain, store bought black or brown ones.

andsewitis Holly said...

Love the Bible cover! If I lived closer, I'd walk with you guys. I love walking those miles.

Karen said...

I like your Bible cover; very pretty!