Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Spoiled?

CC is just a little spoiled, only a little...

He loves to swing and sleep!

And I made these great bags from the link in my last post. I just have to get some buttons for them and then they will be complete! Love them, they are just too cute!

It's been wonderful weather here this weekend and am hoping for more of the same tomorrow! I do need to maybe lay on my stomach though if I am out, the front of my legs are looking a little red from reading on the swing and the back are looking a little pale! I am sure I have some tanning stuff around here somewhere to even it out!

Last night Rich took me and the kids to dinner to my favorite restraunt here in our little town. Fiesta Jalapenos! They serve authentic Mexican and I love their food. Especially their queso and chips! I had Fiesta Quesidillas, which had steak, shrimp and chicken in them! Yummy and had leftovers for lunch today! I couldn't take a picture because Rich is all like no you are not doing that! He thinks its weird to take pictures of your food from your birthday dinner! I don't know why he would think that!

Tonight I am going to sew some more and then the final of the Cake Challenge is on the food network tonight! Can't wait for that and the Amazing Race!

Hope everyone had a beautiful, wonderful weekend!


scraphappy said...

What an adorable bag. I have a honeybun, but have not cut into it yet. Somehow it is harder when they are all packaged up so pretty.

andsewon said...

CC is a cutie!! Those bags are sweet!! Happy Belated BD!! New fabs, lunch with Mom, now a super yummy supper out.. I think you are the spoiled one... you deserve it though!! ha!!!
Tell Rich we are a rather strange bloggy bunch who love to see each others food!;-)

Noelle said...

Happy Birthday!

I love cats. CC is so cute. Is he an indoor/outdoor cat? My 3 are indoor only. They have all their claws, too, which can be seen by the number of scratches on my hands!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday...Love the cat. I had one for 18 years who was my very best friend. I got to pick her out at the pound when I was five. I just don't think I can have another.

The bags look delicious. Great work!!

Mary Q said...

Happy Birthday! Loved hearing about everything in this post. (I agree, I wanted a picture of the birthday dinner--people AND food!) Your bags are SOOOO cute, and you KNOW I love your kitty! Have a great day, Sara!

Lynn said...

Those bags are so cute. Love the fabric you used in them! That's one cute kitty too!

Marilyn R said...

Your little bags are just ador! Thanks for the link in your previous post. I downloaded the pattern - now to get one made!

Sherri said...

Your bags turned out great...I need to make those!!!