Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy, Busy

Well, we have been busy to say the least. Last week was just unbelievable. Something every night!

J had track meet on Wednesday. His first one. It went well, but it was really windy and cold.

Then Thursday we had a hippology meeting and T and Rich went to baseball practice. Friday was the 8th grade girls vs 8th grade boys charity game. The money goes to a foundation for a girl here who died of cancer.

The game was great. I so wish I had remembered my camera. By the end of the game all the girls were in against 5 of the boys. The boys were only allowed to shoot from the 3 point line (harder!) and they were getting "fouled" right and left. One kid got fouled "just because". They were having a great time, the girls lost 40-20 or something like that and just had fun at the end.

Then Rich and T went to another fundraiser. J and I stayed home because we had to get up at 5:00 to go to Columbus for Horsebowl Competition. It's academic challenge about horses. I took down 4 seniors and 5 juniors to compete. Our seniors got knocked out in the second round, but we had one kid who only came to about 5 practices and one who just filled in because a kid dropped out on Thursday! The juniors made it to the 4th round and were disappointed, but I'm proud of them!

Sunrise over Chippewa Lake

My Juniors hanging out!

Today, the second day of Spring Break, it is snowing. We are supposed to get one to two inches, but it is looking like we might get more! I was so hoping the kids would be able to be outside! I think its going to be a LONG week!

And I have been working on a few things. These are the bindings ready to be put on to part of my PIF gifts.

I also made this quilt top. It's a disappearing 9-patch. It just needs to be basted, quilted and have the bindig put on. My mom was given a bunch of material so I took out all the dark purple you see in the quilt to use. There was also a piece of pink that will be big enough for the backing! Woo Hoo! Whole thing made from stash!

Today, working on PIF gifts, this quilt and whatever else I find. I also want to finish reading my current book. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. This book is not as good as I thought it would be. I am just kinda like okay whatever. I only have about 50 more pages to go so I want to finish it, but it is definately NOT a favorite!

Tomorrow Rich and T are going to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to see the Bruce Springsteen (Rich's favorite!) exhibit that they have. It just started and I am sure they will enjoy it. I went with him 7 years ago and its just not my thing, although I would like to see the Springsteen exhibit!

Now to catch up on my blog reading!


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Understatement Sara! You've definitely been busy. Bummer about the snow today, maybe it'll warm up tomorrow and melt?

Springsteen exhibit? Very kewl :^)

Bet it felt real good to make a quilt completely from stash. I'm working on some 9 patches for a disappearing 9 patch too. It's a fun pattern to do.

Enjoy your quilty day!

Sandy said...

You have been one busy gal. A lot accomplished!
I have never been to the Rock Hall of Fame...don't think it would be my thing either...although maybe certain exhibits like you said too.
Hope to see you tomorrow at Quilt Guild. I saw that you are going to speak...go girl!

andsewon said...

Wow you said you would be busy past week and you were!!
Loads done though.
Very preety top... the Dsp9 is a fav of mine when I want quick and WOW.
We had another inch rain ,and cooler today!
Hope Sunday is pretty for everyone.

Lynn said...

Busy you. Too bad about the snow. We had 2 days of break taken away to make up for snow days :( Love the quilt you're working on.

Terry said...

I read that book Sara and I wasn't impressed with it either. I didn't care for how it ended...kind of ruined the whole story in my mind. Oh well...there are a lot more books out there to read! :0)

Noelle said...

That is a really beautiful quilt!

littlecumulus said...

Wow...the whole thing made from stash! That's impressive. And I've been curious about that Edgar Sawtelle book... good to know. :)

disa said...

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