Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jessica's Chicken

Its has been a busy month.

T finished up basketball. They did really well, first in the league and second in the tournament. He is looking forward to Rec ball starting so he can actually play in a game.

J is still involved in 4-H and Hippology. We have been practing twice a month and actually have a full senior team and two junior teams. They are doing really well and I am impressed with their dedication. He wants to join Pet Pals where they take their pets to nursing homes but I think we are still a bit young for that much involvement. I would like to see him spend more time with his horse. But then I suppose I am not one to talk since I haven't spent much time with mine lately. I miss the warm weather and being able to ride every day.

I finally finished Mary's quilt. But I won't post a picture of it till she has seen it and lets me know what she HONESTLY thinks! I also completed the blocks of the month from Fabric Obsession for last year. Here is a picture of those blocks and Jessica's Chicken. I am not into pink but hers came out really cool. I like it - its funky and girly at the same time. The pattern is Pollo Loco from Miss Rosie's Quilt Shop.

Next up is Bean's quilt. Its going to be out of Sock Monkey Fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop. I love the fabric and the pattern. I have started buying clothes, but we don't know yet if its a boy or a girl. As soon as we find out I will be picking up more things. I am pretty much just getting basics right now. Nothing every says "Nana" on it though. Its all Grandma. What a bummer.

Otherwise we are just getting ready to go to the hospital. I have to go tomorrow for my pre-admission testing. Robin is going with me. I just hope that nothing happens to postpone this. Rich keeps asking me what I want for the "Last Supper" since all I eat in there is fish and baked potatoe. Anyone coming to visit - BRING FOOD!

I will write more when I get home and hopefully have some more projects to work on.


QuiltedSimple said...

Sara - I love the chicken - Jessie will be so anxious to see it!! Your blocks came out good too. Good luck today!!

Anonymous said...

Great chicken. Looks like you have been busy with the quilt of the month. Mom

Anonymous said...

This is my first time reading a "Blog". Thinking of you daily!!!
Love you and justknow everything will go great!!

GREAT quilting projects too. My sister-in-law here in Florida does tons and tons of quilting too. It's unbelievable the projects she takes on and her work is just so precise and sharp.

Last book I read and suggest reading is "Become a Better You - 7 Keys to Improving your Life Every Day" by Joel Osteen. I'm not much of a reader but really found this book to be uplifting. Joel Osteen is a pastor of a new generation and he is referred to as "America's voice of hope"! It was easy reading material. Had to be for me to get through the 375 pages---that's huge for me.
LOL :-)

Love you Sara, keep in Touch!

Aunt Darlene (

Granny Lyn said...

New Babies??? awwwwww

can't wait for pictures! and the chicken is just about as cute as a baby, only with a funky edge, love it

QuiltedSimple said...

Sara -
I got tagged for an excellent blog (go FIGURE!!) so I tag you know. See my post from a few days ago for the graphics. Hope you are feeling better now that you are home.