Monday, July 11, 2011

2 finishes!!

I recently finished up another quilt. I have several that I have not posted pics of so here they are!!
This one went to a dear friend of mine that I work with for her 3rd daughter. This is girl number 3 in less than 3 years. She has a set of "irish twins" now!!

The second quilt is mine! I love blues, greens and browns. So I made myself a pinwheel (my favorite block!) quilt! I love it...its perfect, not too big, not to small!! I quilted a 1/4 in on each side of the seams and it looks great!!
Here is the backing for it!
And the most wonderful news of the last 2 months, Aiden Stephen, born April 12th. This picture he is about 10 weeks, and no, he is not mine, but my grandson. Rich and I went to NC to see him right after he was born and it was wonderful to not only get away but to see the kids and meet him!! I am so moving to the beach!
Shannon, Ashley and Aiden
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer!!


Zonnah said...

Grats on being a grandma!
I love pinwheels as well and your quilt looks beautiful.

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